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Producers' Guild of Ghana

Constitution of Producers Guild of Ghana (PGG)

Article Index

Article 3: Non-Profit Making Organisation

The income and property of PGG, shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of PGG as set forth in this Constitution and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or profit to any person who is a member of PGG or its Executive committee; provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent payment in good faith and reasonable and proper remuneration to any officer of PGG or to any member of PGG in return for any services actually rendered to PGG.

Article 4: Financial Year

The Financial year of PGG shall be the calendar year. The first financial year shall run from the date of registration until the 31st December of that year.

Article 5: Membership

Membership of PGG shall be by recommendation of a member, to be accepted by a quorum of members

Article 6: Rights of a Member

A member shall, have the right to:

  1. Participate in all activities of PGG including but not limited to accessing advocacy, welfare, financial and other support services and policy advocacy formulation programmes of PGG subject to the rules and regulations governing such activities.
  2. Be heard whenever his or her activities and conduct are in question and under consideration by the Executive Committee.
  3. Contest for any position or office within PGG, in accordance with rules and regulations governing such elections. A member shall be disqualified from holding any office or contesting any election in PGG if he or she:
    1. is adjudicated bankrupt; or
    2. is found to be a lunatic or is medically certified as being of unsound mind; or
    3. is not in good standing. A member is deemed not to be in good standing if the person has neglected for six months to pay his quarterly membership fees as provided by Rule 11 hereunder or if he shall persistently neglect or refuse to pay any other monies which may be due from him to PGG; and/or
    4. is convicted on indictment and imprisoned for any criminal offence involving dishonesty.

Article 7: Duties of a Member

A member shall have the duty to:

  1. Protect and promote the good name of PGG
  2. Protect the unity of PGG;
  3. Abide by and uphold the decisions of PGG
  4. Participate fully in all activities of PGG and support the secretariat to work effectively and with accountability;
  5. Pay dues as well as give donations for special programmes and activities as may be decided from time to time by the Executive
  6. Not to initiate or commence any legal proceedings against PGG without having exhausted the grievance procedure laid down in this Constitution. For the avoidance of doubt, no member shall commence any legal proceedings against PGG for any reason whatsoever unless whatever grievance the Member may have against PGG has been put before the appropriate organs of PGG for investigation and decision.