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Producers' Guild of Ghana

Constitution of Producers Guild of Ghana (PGG)

Article Index

Article 13: Certificate of Membership

  1. Every member shall be entitled to receive a Certificate of Membership under the common seal of PGG.
  2. No Certificate of Membership shall of itself carry or confer upon its holder any rights.
  3. The certificate shall be valid for one year.

Article 14: Register of Membership

  1. The Secretary General shall keep at all times a Register of Members of PGG which shall be open for inspection during the ordinary business hours of PGG by any member. The names and addresses of all persons, firms and companies who are or shall hereafter become duly elected members shall be inscribed in the Register together with the names of their duly authorised representatives.

Article 15: Membership Fees

  1. The Executive Committee, with the consent of Members at its General Assembly Meeting, shall fix the registration fees and yearly membership fees payable.
  2. The membership fees are due and payable quarterly every year and shall be paid by way of transfer to the accounts of PGG (January, April, July, and October).
  3. Members accepted in the course of the year shall pay the full annual membership fees.

Article 16: Arrears of Subscription

A member whose subscription is in arrears for three months shall not be permitted to vote or be voted for or nominate a candidate to be voted for and when his subscription is six months overdue, all privileges of membership shall be forfeited and his name shall be brought before the Executive Committee for suspension of his membership, but any arrears shall be a debt due and recoverable by PGG.

Article 17: Attendance and Voting at Meeting

  1. Only persons, firms or companies whose names shall appear in the Register of Members shall be entitled to attend meetings of PGG. Only one member of a firm or company shall be allowed to vote on any subject.
  2. A notice may be given to any member, either personally or by sending it by post to his address as it appears in the Register of Members. Where a notice is sent by post, it shall be deemed to have been served at the expiration of forty eight hours after it was posted.