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Producers' Guild of Ghana

Constitution of Producers Guild of Ghana (PGG)

Article Index

Article 8: Application for Membership

Application for new membership shall be by recommendation of a member, which will then be circulated to all members and the new member shall be admitted by a quorum

Article 9: Resignation

A member must give written notice to the Secretary, at least one calendar month prior to the 1st of January, in any year of his wish to resign, otherwise he will be liable for the subscription for the ensuing year.

Article 10: Cessation of Membership

Any member shall ipso facto cease to be a member of PGG:

  1. if he is adjudicated bankrupt;
  2. if he is found to be a lunatic or is medically certified as being of unsound mind;
  3. if he shall neglect for six months to pay his annual membership fees as provided by Article Rule 12 hereunder or if he shall persistently neglect or refuse to pay any other monies which may be due from him to PGG but may be re-admitted at any meeting of the Governing Board by resolution and on paying his subscription or other dues in arrears.
  4. If he is convicted on indictment and imprisoned for any criminal offence involving dishonesty.
  5. in case of death of a natural person;
  6. in the case of a legal person, upon dissolution/liquidation;
  7. by giving notice; or
  8. by expulsion

Article 11: Expulsions of Members

  1. The Executive Committee shall have disciplinary powers over all members and authorised representatives of members which powers shall be exercised in accordance with the provisions of Article 11 (c) hereunder.
  2. Other than for the reasons listed in Article 10 hereof, the Executive Committee shall have power by resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of members present and voting to expel any member whose conduct in the opinion of such majority makes that member no longer acceptable as a member of PGG.
  3. A member whose conduct is to be taken into consideration by PGG under the provisions of Articles 10, 11(a) and 11(b) hereof, shall receive fourteen clear days' notice in writing forwarded to him by registered post to his last known address registered with PGG and upon his giving notice in writing to the Secretary General of his intention to appear, shall be heard by the Executive Committee either in person or through his authorised agent. Alternatively and in addition, he may put in a written statement which shall be taken into consideration by the Executive Committee when dealing with the matter
  4. Any Member who has been dealt with in accordance with the preceding paragraphs and found guilty may be expelled from PGG, fined or have his accreditation cancelled or dealt with in any other manner considered appropriate by the Executive Committee.

Article 12: Grievances

  1. A Member who has a grievance against any officer of PGG may, in writing petition the Executive Committee. A grievance shall involve an allegation of unjust or unfair treatment by any officer of PGG against the member.
  2. A Member aggrieved by or dissatisfied with the decision of the Executive Committee may, within seven days from the date of receipt of the decision of the Executive Committee appeal to a committee comprised of at least three Members of PGG.
  3. Where a Member has a grievance against the Executive Committee as a whole, all efforts shall be made to amicably settle the matter. Where all attempts at such amicable settlement fail, the grievance shall be presented to a special meeting of the General Assembly for discussion and redress.